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With our locally owned and operated locations in the greater Southeast, our mission is a commitment to your professional image through service excellence in commercial transport vehicle washing.

About Us

The Frontier Professional Image Mission:

ยท A locally owned and operated commercial transportation washing service committed to enhancing your professional image through service excellence

Frontier Truck Wash understands commercial transportation is a vital part of the national economy. Since your transportation fleet is an extension of business activity, it is important to maintain a high standard in professional appearance. Frontier knows that your commercial fleet is a projection of your business image, therefore success begins with an image of order, safety and cleanliness. Our mission is not only to maintain, but to enhance this image through a committed guarantee of service and quality.

Our 9 point wash process is carried out by our professionally trained staff.  Because your business is our business, our team is always staffed with highly qualified professionals experienced in the tools and methods for professional commercial transport vehicle wash services. 

Finally, we are dedicated to providing premier service combined with exceptional value. This level of service and value has led multiple top-tier corporations to form exclusive image enhancement partnerships with us.

Let us enhance your professional image today.  Contact our corporate office for corporate partnership information.


Mon - Fri, 8am - 6pm

Phone:    (803) 691-2174
Fax:         (803) 714-5519

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